Give away :-)


Give away 🙂

Siste dag idag på Gar­nhim­me­len! Give away 🙂 Masse deilig “guf”

Siste dag idag på Garnhimmelen! Give away 🙂 Masse deilig «guf»

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5 Responses to “Give away :-)”

  1. I’ve been having trouble blogging too! Mostly I have just been putting pictures of finished knitting on my blog. I did get an idea recently about something I’d like to try and I’ll share it with you. It’s something that President Obama and his family do every day. They tell each other what their «Rose» and their «Thorn» was for that day. In otherwords – what was the best thing that happened that day and the worst. Might be an interesting thing to try and fun to look back on.
    Love ya,

  2. Jeg er vel egentlig ikke den rette til å svare siden jeg ikke selv har blogg. Men det jeg legger merke til når jeg leser (ofte skummer over) blogglisten min, er at jeg setter veldig pris på store bilder og ikke for mye tekst. Jeg ser at mange skriver veldig mye og det tar sikkert mye tid og konsentrasjon. Men 1 eller 2 bilder av en hånderbeide under utviklig med garn, mønster og om du liker (eller ikke liker) garnet, mønsteret ol, inspirerer meg ofte.

    Hilsen Fama

    min mail:

  3. Hi Vigdis,
    What I like to do is just post about anything that
    I am thinking about, or something that happened in
    my life. Also love to blog about my knitting
    projects. I just love your little dresses by the
    Good luck with your blogging dear.
    Hugs Patt

  4. I think most bloggers have troubles posting once in a while or lose the desire to post. All I can suggest is writing about what you love… if you aren’t knitting maybe share some of the patterns links you have found that are on your wish list. Of course if you enjoy other hobbies like cooking or gardening you could post on those also. As knitters we all have other favorite things to do. It is fun to read about chanllenges..

  5. Since I started my blog as a way to communicate mainly with family who do not live near – and long distance friends – I only tend to blog about things I would write in letters to them. So it doesnt have a lot of knitting on it. Often times I use it as a way to share photos. So I know what you mean. Altho I do use it as a way to get things off my chest…I love Jane’s idea….and someone on whe whoduknit list writes in her journal daily. Maybe our blogs should be a way to count our blessings – and when we have nothing ‘earth shaking’ to write about, we should jsut do a list of ‘roses’ for that day! Might help make us all better people!

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